Features Overview

Many gyms lack space which can make you feel cramped and overcrowded sometimes queuing to use the equipment, Here at Supergym we have a massive 170m2 gym floor with 4m high ceilings creating a spacious environment, along side the main gym area we have a 35m2 functional training room and 35m2 Studio where we hold all our group classes, if you want to train in the fresh air we have a 255m2 yard.

Free Weights

Here at Elite Fitness we have a large 40m2 free weight area boasting dumbbells up to 40kg, Squat Rack, Flat & Incline chest press and a Smith Machine. With such a spacious area there is plenty of room to train without feeling cramped.

Functional Room

Running along side out main gym we have a great functional room offering you a range of equipment including Kettlebells, Power Bags, Medicine Balls, Viprs, Bosu Ball, Stability Balls, TRX and a range of lighter Dumbbells, so if you want to set out a circuit or just work on general functional training this is your room!

Strength Equipment

With our array of state of the art commercial strength equipment there is something for everyone here at Supergym, All of our equipment is built to be innovative, functional, smooth, durable and stylish giving you the best workout experience possible.


MMA Room

Our MMA room offers members a choice of 4 punch bags to work on including a heavy duty bag and speed ball. Increasing speed, power and strength can be achieved by alternating between bags, we even provide gloves and pads so all you need to do is turn up!

CV Machines

Don’t sweat it here at Superym we offer a wide range of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, upright bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers. Each piece is built to the highest professional standard and the sleek and consistent design rounds off a range that runs parallel with modern day design


Tanning Studio

Our Sunquest Aurora Sunshower offers state-of-the-art tanning at its very best. A stylish Sunshower with a fantastic cooling system ensuring optimal running temperatures of tubes for much shorter tanning times.
Amazing result with tanning times of 3 -12 minutes.