Here are EFSG we offer bespoke fitness programmes to work around your goals and lifestyle. Along with our focussed and sustainable nutrition plans we really can completely change your body and mind.

Whether you want to lose unwanted body fat, increase strength level, reach sport specific goals, gain lean muscle mass or just work on your general fitness we can help you.

The ODEF journey is one that can change your life for ever, bring you energy levels you did not believe possible and bring you into a fitness community that will both support and challenge you on the road to your goals.

Don't keep putting it off, take the bull by the horns and start your ODEF journey today, will will be there to guide and motivate you every step of the way. Let the rest of your life begin today!

Olly is an absolutely fantastic personal trainer. His vast knowledge of nutrition pared with his ability to motivate is a winning package that certainly gets results.

So far on my journey I have lost two stone (in ten weeks), the fact Olly is such a nice genuine guy makes the sessions so much fun and you will certainly work your stomach muscles through laughing, never mind the exercises!
— Leonie